Big Ideas Open House

Online Open House

Can’t attend the Big Ideas Open House in-person? Complete our online open house by completing the survey below. Additional resources are also provided, including a narrated video walkthrough and a digital copy of the boards from the open house.

What is the Big Ideas Open House?

Since the planning process began in June 2022, the project team has gathered public input by hosting stakeholder meetings, community workshops, an online survey, and more. From this feedback, the project team assembled a vision statement, as well as goals and objectives for key topics in the comprehensive plan. The Big Ideas Open House is a way for the project team to present this findings to the public and solicit additional feedback.

Big Ideas Open House Survey

Help ensure that the comprehensive plan is headed in the right direction by taking this 10-minute survey. Survey results will guide the development of the comprehensive plan and inform the plan’s goals and objectives.

Additional Resources

Video coming soon.

PDF of Big Ideas Open House Display Boards

Putnam County Comprehensive Plan

Putnam County is partnering with HWC Engineering to develop plans guided by community values and priorities.

Please reach out through the form on the ‘Provide Input’ page if you have questions, suggestions, or perspectives you would like to share with our team. We appreciate your interest in the effort.